So we are in August already, how did that one creep up so quickly? How is this year flying by so quickly, just like the last? How are my twenties nearly over? How am I almost 30?

Born on 23rd September 1988, I am just under a month away from beginning the next decade of my life and I though now would be a good time to document it. I mean blogging is the ‘in’ thing right, so I better give it a go.

Going in to my 30th year you’d think I’d be an old hand at adulting by now. I’m a homeowner with a job I love, living happily with one of few people who’ll put up with me but alas I’m no expert. Over the next year I’m going to try to become better at it. Overcome new challenges no matter how big or small they are, fulfil more dreams and complete more wishes for myself and others and continue to visit new places and make the most of what this beautiful planet has to offer.

Follow me if you dare to see how I navigate through my 30th year on this earth and to see if I survive the year in on piece.

I hope that in a years time I’ll be a better person. A better woman. A better soul mate. A better teacher. A better friend. A better 30 something year old living the hell out of life.

Claire x